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Erotic massage

An erotic massage has a long history in both Eastern and Western cultures. The massage includes various techniques, elements of sexual therapy, emotional healing and full body relaxation. Regular massage improves blood circulation, tone the skin and relaxes muscles. This massage can bring more intimacy into your life, whether you currently have a partner or not. My job is to help people reach their full capacity for emotional and physical pleasure. This massage is sensual work, but with healing elements. My clients come to me with a range of goals, from exploring their sensuality to experience full body relaxation with emotional comfort. My massage is stimulating the nerves located in the body to create new pathways of sensation to the brain. In a session, many things can happen. Usually, it's about removing any blocks in the clients body to open the way for more emotional energy to flow through. It frees people up to be happier and more confident. Have you always wanted experience the sensual massage, but don't know what to expect? In this case, you don't have to worry as I will adjust your chosen massage session to your personal preference what we will discuss before the session. Many people feel nervous before the session. Being nervous is okay. Don't worry if you are feeling shy, I'm meeting first timers on a daily basis, and I will put you at ease. You may think it's a little bit naughty, but there are many reasons why should you get sensual therapy with me.

How did my designed massage sessions became so successful and trusted service what gives high- class relaxation for each client? Since I became a professional massage therapist, I had the pleasure to meet more than a thousand people with different needs from all over the world. The most important thing is to bring the attitude that I am giving something to another person not trying to get something from them. I do regularly try to improve my skills by studying new massage techniques by visiting online courses, attending to massage classes and reading books as 'The worlds best massage technique' by Victoria Stone, 'Emotional detox though bodywork' by Mal Weeraratne, 'The art of sensual massage' by Gordon Inkeles etc.

Kim 12.01.2019


Services and prices:

90 Min Session

Diamond 4hand

Swedish Tantric and Hawaiian Tantric experience


60 Min Session

Diamond 4hand

Swedish Tantric and Hawaiian Tantric experience


120 Min Session


Swedish Tantric session


90 Min Session


Swedish Tantric session


60 Min Session


Swedish Tantric session


30 Min Session


Swedish Tantric session


Beautiful and dynamic, Kim seems both grounded in reality and not quite of this world. It's not difficult to see how men and women would trust her to massage their naked bodies upon first meeting.


My dear Kim. I am so happy after the massage this morning. All day felt very light. Just wanna say A good massage therapist is like a four leaf clover: Hard to find but lucky to have. I am so happy I know you, my gorgeous lady. See you next week. Dave What can I say... It was my 3rd massage with Kim and every time I want to come back again and again. I will never doubt your skills, kindness and delight. Thank you.

Dr Andrew

My name is Charlotte, I am a lawyer in my 40s, started seeing Kim after my divorce. Her work has definitely contributed to my lightness and feeling of freedom. I'm more giggly.


I been seeing Kim every four or five weeks, and I feeling more comfortable with my body and more receptive to touch. It's the most effective energy work I've done, and it's an important part of my mental and spiritual therapy mix.


The Latin phrase sub rosa means "under the rose", and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality. The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history.

Yes, there is a free street parking available near the studio.

No, my services don't include kissing or any sexual intercourse. I do not provide escort services but sensual massage services.

No, I do not. But you can follow me on my Instagram or Facebook.

The age limit is +18 I might ask you the ID if you look younger than 25.

I don't provide outcalls at the moment.

You don't have to worry about any leaked information- evidence of your booking will be erased straight after the session with your permission.

You can make a booking by giving me a call. You can also contact me via the message, email or Facebook for more information.

The minimum is 30minutes, but I do advice to make a booking with advance.

Yes, you can use the shower on your arrival before the session and after the session.

Yes, I am a qualified holistic massage therapist; Swedish massage, Indian head massage and Hawaiian massage therapist (can show the certificates if asked). In the meantime, I am studying Reiki, Kundalini and Tantric massage techniques.

My service is stimulating the libido or increasing the ability of client to respond positively to sensual stimulus and to help men address issue of premature ejaculation. I am teaching the recipient to relax the musculature of the pelvis and at the same time increase pleasure. I provide yoni massage for ladies and lingam massage for gentlemen what is more known as "happy ending" massage in our society.